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YES WE DO CATS! We love all Gods furry creatures BIG AND SMALL!!

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if you let us know you want priority appointment in your appointment form below. Priority booking fee is 35.00 extra added to your grooming fee. Put PRIORITY GROOMING in the subject line 

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Please read entire page as some of our policies have changed 

Hours of Operation:

800 am to 4 pm

Tuesday through Saturday

 Closed Sundayand Monday 

Some Sunday available for Cats only 


We are a fear free shop and do not muzzle animals. 

If we feel we have to muzzle your pet we will record your pets behavior and it to show you and the groom stops immediately! We will not stress a pet out over a groom. We will send your baby home and there will be a charge of 40.00. People know if their dog nips or bites! So just be honest we can refer you somewhere that can help. 

So to be clear:
If your pet becomes aggresive during grooming  any point during the groom and we feel it puts your pet or us at risk you will need to come and pick up your pet immediately.

After 2 aggresive and severe bite wounds we no longer can take the risk.,

We will send you to our veterinarian to book an appointment with their grooming staff where it is a safe place for your pet and doctors are present should your pet need sedation 

This applies to cats and dogs!

Matted pets! We recently received a bad review from a client that's poor dog was matted to the skin because we had to shave it! Pictures below. We make sure we document all grooms with pictures for all our families. Before during and after. We want our clients to be apart of the entire process while their babies are in our care. 

In this poor dog's case there was no other humane way to deal with it and his extreme matting. 

While we are very sympathetic to individual circumstances and know this can happen we firmly stand our ground on dematting procedures.

We will not under any circumstances dematt a dog if will cause the dog any pain. Example of that is trying to brush out dread locks on a human can you imagine?

We will require your dog be shaved and start the regrowth process. We will make sure we help you learn how to maintain the cost with the right tools and get you in a grooming schedule. 

But we will under no circumstances hurt any animal in our shop. 

We will let you know all of this at the time you sign in and we evaluate your pet. We do not just shave pets down without owner permission. Without your permission we will just decline service if we feel this is in the best interest of your pet. 

We will do a consultation on each pet and let you know what we can and can't do in regards to matted pets. 
So please take that into consideration when booking with us.

Also remember it's hair it grows back! 
You do not want your dog to have a painful experience at any grooming shop. They will never want to go back.

Always keep in mind what's best for your pet! Our promise to you is that is our priority! 

Extreme matting! The only humane thing to do was to shave this baby

Horribly matted poor baby and the owner got mad because we had to shave this poor baby

We are your furry kids home away from home!

As a pet owner our personal promise to you is that every dog or cat that comes to us will be treated with hands on love and kindness just like they are our own. 
We do not pack and stack our grooming shop with dogs and cats everywhere.just to maybe a quick dollars.

We are a low volume shop by choice. This gives us the time to get to know our families and build long lasting relationships with them and their pets

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Reminder before you prebook

we do not take any aggressive pets!!


Please PRIORITY GROOMING in subject line. 35.00 fee added to priority grooming at time of service 


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We love the families we serve and are so very grateful for all the reviwes! Our clients referrals are the biggest compliment we could receive. Real people!  Real reviews! Check Out Tacoma Dog and Cat Grooming on GOOGLE.COM

Our Life Is Dedicated To Caring For Animals

Being a husband and wife team that shares a passion for the care all animals deserve is such a blessing. The love if all animals comes so naturally to us that we believe it is why people get us and why we stand out. Our families don't just come to us for the grooming element of our business they come to us because we offer a safe loving place for their furry family members that is calm and not hectic.

Thank you to all our families for trusting us!

Steffy xoxoxoxoxo

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