Tacoma Dog & Cat Grooming

YES WE DO CATS! We love all Gods furry creatures BIG AND SMALL!!


Please read entire page as some of our policies have changed 

Hours of Operation:

700 am to 4 pm Tuesday through Sunday Last grooming appointment of the day is 3 pm. We will work after hour appointments on occasion but there is a 25.00 fee added to the groom for after hours grooming 

Sundays are dedicated to our cats usually! 


If your pet becomes aggresive during grooming  any pint in the groom and we feel it puts your pet or us at risk you will need to come and pick up your pet immediately. After 2 aggresive bite wounds we no longer can take the risk., We will send you to our veterinarian to book an appointment with their grooming staff where it is a safe place for your pet and doctors are present should your pet need sedation 

This is for cats snd dogs!

We are your furry kids home away from home!

As a pet owner our personal promise to you is that every dog or cat that comes to us will be treated with hands on love and kindness just like they are our own. 
We do not pack and stack our grooming shop with dogs and cats everywhere.just to maybe a quick dollars.

We are a low volume shop by choice. This gives us the time to get to know our families and build long lasting relationships with them and their pets

Prebook With Our Form Below;

For those wanting to prebook your can fill out the form below and we will give a call and work with your schedule to see what works best. 

Reminder before you prebook

we do not takrany aggressive pets!!

What Our Families Are Saying On Yelp.com

We love the families we serve and are so very grateful for all the reviews on Yelp.com Our clients referrals are the biggest compliment we could receive. Real people!  Real reviews! Check Out Tacoma Dog and Cat Grooming on Yelp.com 

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Our Life Is Dedicated To Caring For Animals

Being a husband and wife team that shares a passion for the care all animals deserve is such a blessing. The love if all animals comes so naturally to us that we believe it is why people get us and why we stand out. Our families don't just come to us for the grooming element of our business they come to us because we offer a safe loving place for their furry family members that is calm and not hectic.

Thank you to all our families for trusting us!

Steffy xoxoxoxoxo

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